June 30, 2013 gray gelding

sire line: Mahruss

dam line: Haidee

ECAHS certified 84.73% Crabbet/Blunt breeding

CMK Heritage horse

Shortly before midnight on June 30, 2013 FCF Silver Stardust delivered a gray colt by Magic Aulrab.  This confident and intelligent youngster exhibits the fantastic gaits and elegant presence of both parents.  He is another example of crossing Warren Park/Kellogg lineage with *Raffles/Skowronek lineages that has proved to be a successful nick for the Faerie Court Farm program.  He is currently growing up in the herd with his buddies.

About Us:

Faerie Court Farm is a small Arabian sport horse breeding farm located on nearly 40 acres in beautiful Addison County Vermont.

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Dawn & Thom Jones-Low

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