May 18th 2005 gray mare

sire line: Ibrahim/Skowronek

dam line: *Urfah

ECAHS certified 67.16% Crabbet/Blunt breeding

CMK Heritage horse

FCF Gossamer Jewell was purchased in utero from Payback Ranch Arabians.  Gossamer is the youngest of five foals produced by crossing AM Ghost Ship and BruMarBa Callisto.  Gossamer was the first foal born at Faerie Court Farm.  She was upside down with one leg back in the birth canal so we were fortunate to have been present to intervene so that both mare and foal were fine!  (Just moments after we successfully assisted Gossamer's birth, AM Tawny Britania's water broke and FCF Titanias Vanity was born!  Goss and Titania have been "best friends" since they were a day old. They even delivered their first foals exactly 1 hour apart!)

 A kind and attentive mare, Gossamer is both stunningly beautiful and athletic.  She is an example of  the "Double R" bloodline nick (Rissalix with *Raffles--both tracing to the mare, Rissla) that is renowned for producing Arabians with excellent gaits, general athleticism, and plenty of charisma.  Her dam, BruMarBa Callisto reinforced the pedigree with more Raffles lineage as well as bringing in other desirable lineages like *Barich De Washoe and Comar Bay Beau.  FCF Gossamer Jewell has a big hip, plenty of substance, a well shaped and set neck, excellent feet, and expressive movement. 

Gossamer was shown in-hand as a 2 year old at the 2007 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals! She placed 12th in the nation and was just a few tenths of a point out of ranking in the top ten.  We were delighted that she did so well showing for the first time at a major show against fillies with much more experience.

FCF Gossamer Jewell has had two foals so far, FCF MagicAul Gem by Aul Magic in 2009 and FCF Star of Earendil by AAA Legend ofthe Seas in 2010.  Both are excellent movers with an abundance of pretty.

Gossamer is also an excellent "auntie" and keeps an eye out for many of the youngsters in the herd.  She has been particularly attentive to Cameo, Puck, and Pixie, though she is a good companion to all the youngsters.  She has remained a close companion to her foalhood friend, Titania.

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