Our first two foals were born in 2005.   Since then we have produced a small number of quality foals each year from carefully considered pairings.  Some of these foals have been retained for the breeding program, while a select few are offered for sale to approved show or breeding homes.


The horses are raised in mixed age social groups with abundant natural exercise on large pastures to foster sound minds and bodies.  All the horses receive regular veterinary, farrier, dental care and correctly balanced forage based nutrition.  Daily handling and basic manners training preserves the friendly, willing temperaments that are characteristic of these CMK bloodlines.  To allow for physical maturity, we typically lightly start the horses under saddle when they are 4 years old.


FCF horses typically have excellent feet, plenty of substance and bone, well let down hocks, broad deep bodies, strong loins, hindquarters of correct length and slope, a well sloped shoulder with a relatively long humerus, pleasant heads with a kind eye, and exceptional interior qualities (willingness, character/charisma, rideability).  We have produced horses with athletic aptitudes suitable for for dressage, eventing, hunters, and endurance.


The first generation of Faerie Court Farm bred foals are now demonstrating their high trainability and athleticism under saddle.  The soundness of our long term breeding plan is being confirmed as the second generation of Faerie Court Farm bred foals are being born.  Sport horse breeding requires dedication to a long term vision; we are committed to continuing to improve upon a solid foundation of generations of Arabians purpose bred for athleticism and trainability.

About Us:

Faerie Court Farm is a small Arabian sport horse breeding farm located on nearly 40 acres in beautiful Addison County Vermont.

 Please explore the website to discover more about our wonderful horses.

Contact us:

Dawn & Thom Jones-Low

683 S Middlebrook Rd.

Vergennes, VT 05491

(802) 989-3562



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