AHR# 657637

June 12, 2003 chestnut mare

5 generation pedigree

sire line: Ibrahim/Skowronek

dam line: *Urfah

ECAHS certified 74.79% Crabbet/Blunt breeding

CMK Heritage horse

This powefully built mare brings additional sources of proven sport lineages to the Faerie Court Farm program.   Her dam, Rose of Quality, carries two lines to the great Count Dorsaz and also brings in a line to *Silver Vanity.  We have several horses in our herd who trace to Celebrity's sire, Naibara Blaze Man who was linebred to *Raffles/Indraff.  Celebrity demonstrates the consistency of solid structure, quality gaits, and a wonderful temperament that typically results from purpose breeding for sport horse traits using core lineages from the CMK bloodlines group.

   Celebrity was bred to FCF Oberons Vanity in July 2011 and delivered a superb filly, FCF Elfin Felicity, on June 3, 2012.  This cross was repeated for a  foal expected in late May of 2017 . 

Celebrity is a highly intelligent mare with a quiet confidence.  She often acts as a supervisor within the herd.

About Us:

Faerie Court Farm is a small Arabian sport horse breeding farm located on nearly 40 acres in beautiful Addison County Vermont.

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Dawn & Thom Jones-Low

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