Faerie Court Farm is a small Arabian breeding program located in beautiful Addison County Vermont owned and operated by Dawn Jones-Low.  Our breeding horses have been carefully selected for their athletic conformation, three correct gaits, and pleasant temperaments. After carefully studying modern Arabian bloodlines and their foundation lines, we have chosen specific CMK bloodlines that have historically blended well to produce outstanding performance horses .   Our first two foals were born in 2005.   Since then we have produced a small number of high quality foals each year from carefully considered pairings.  Some of these foals have been retained for the breeding program, while a select few are offered for sale to approved show or breeding homes. The first generation of Faerie Court Farm bred foals are now demonstrating their high trainability and athleticism under saddle.  The soundness of our long term breeding plan is being confirmed as the second generation of Faerie Court Farm bred foals are being born.  Sport horse breeding requires dedication to a long term vision; we are committed to continuing to improve upon a solid foundation of generations of Arabians purpose bred for athleticism and trainability.
photo courtesy Stephen Crowers Photography photo courtesy Stephen Crowers Photography

 FCF Oberons Vanity is offered at stud to a limited number of approved outside mares via fresh cooled semen.  Introductory pricing of $500 is in effect for 2015.
Frozen semen (proven via test breeding producing live foal) is also available at $350 per dose.
FCF Oberons Vanity is SCID clear, CA N/N, and LFS Negative  and EVA negative

Please contact us for breeding information:

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Dressage is our primary performance focus, but our breeding stock horses also demonstrate athletic suitability for jumping and eventing, and endurance as well as possessing willing and generous temperaments essential for recreational riding.  All our foundation horses came from established breeding programs with a history of producing horses that have been competed successfully in a variety of athletic performance disciplines. Our primary focus is on breeding, raising, and training, but showing at a variety of schooling shows (dressage, jumpers, 2-phase shows, and horse trials) and at rated open venues is done whenever possible.

News 12/10/2014: Check out the newest issue of the Arabian Sport Horse Magazine my Reading Reflections column can be seen starting on page 64 (also features photos of Faerie Court Farm horses)

News 6/30/2014: FCF Silver Stardust has been checked in foal to 
Magic Aulrab for a 2015 foal!!  This foal will be a full sibling to the superb young gelding FCF Silvermoon Magic that was born here in 2013. We are deeply grateful to Peter Mileo of City Slicker Ranch for his dedication in helping us get this mare in foal in spite of Murphy's Law!!!!

News 6/8/2014: The June/July issue of the Arabian Sport Horse Magazine includes lots of great content including my Reading Reflections column which looks at creating "pedigree power" in breeding choices.

News 4/25/2014: We are pleased to announce that FCF Oberons Vanity will be in training and standing at stud at  Ballygrace Sporthorses in Canden, SC for at least the next few years for their Arabian sport horse and RPSI sport pony breeding program.  

This partnership will allow us to continue Obie's training and prepare him for presentation to the RPSI registry and to showcase his performance and siring abilities to a wider audience.

News 2/11/2014
:  Faerie Court Farm is proud to be the sponsor of the Arabian Sport Horse Magazine's Reader's Choice Award in the Upper Level Eventing category.  The phenomenal Anglo-Arabian, Oz the Tin Man, ridden by Katy Groesbeck was honored with the award.

Also be sure to check out my recurring column, "Reading Reflections" on page 78 which looks at the sport of Combined Driving.

News 12/28/2013
: Congratulations to Karin and Willis Foley of Ballygrace Sporthorses in Camden, SC on the acquisition of the wonderful mare Payback Morning Tide!

Payback Morning Tide leaving for SC

News 12/11/2013:  My "Reading Reflections" column about the vintage book "Effective Riding" by G.N. Jackson  in the Dec 2013 /Jan  2014 issue of the Arabian Sport Horse Magazine includes photos of several Faerie Court Farm horses.

News 10/10/2013:
 Check out the Oct/Nov 2013 issue of 
The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine. Faerie Court Farm has an ad on the inside front cover.

News 9/22/2013
:  Congratulations to owners, Sari Bolnick and Kobe Pielow, rider Haley Korejwo and the rest of "Team Legend" on their success at the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals where AAA Legend ofthe Seas earned National Top Ten awards in Arabian Green Working Hunter, Arabian Hunter Hack ATR, A/AA/HA 14.2H and under Working Hunter, and the exhibition class BN Combined Test (dressage and show-jumping)
photo copyright Don Stine (used with permission)photo copyright Don Stine (used with permission)

FOUR National Top Ten Awards!!!!!!!!
photo copyright Don Stine (used with permission)photo copyright Don Stine (used with permission)

News 8/6/2013
:  The Aug/Sept 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine is on-line.  Check out my column "Reading Reflections" about the importance of a sensitive dialogue with the horse on page 72.

News 6/30/2013
:  FCF Silver Stardust delivered a superb quality gray colt by Magic Aulrab!!!
pedigree of colt

 News 6/6/2013:  AAA Legend ofthe Seas has been sold to Kobe Anne Pielow and Sari Bolnick of PA!!!  We wish them a wonderful journey together!!

photo courtesy Tina Marie Powell

News 6//5/2013
:  The June/July 2913 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine is on-line.  Check out my column "Reading Reflections" where I muse about choices and goals in riding and breeding on page 62.

summer in Vermont
News 4/5/2013:  The April/May 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine is on-line.  Check out Dawn's column "Reading Reflections" considering varous aspects of equine biomechanics on page 18.

News 2/6/2013
:  Check out the inaugural issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine!  Dawn Jones-Low, the owner and breeding manager of Faerie Court Farm has a column, "Reading Reflections", that can be found on page 28-29.
  After concentrating on training and breeding for the past few years, we started showing some of our young horses at USDF Breed shows in 2011 including at the Breed Show at Dressage at Devon September 27 - October 2 2011.   Faerie Court Farm horses earned 11 ribbons at Dressage at Devon in both open classes (Three year old fillies DSHB, Stallions 4 and over DSHB, Produce of Dam, Stallions 4 and over Under Saddle, Materiale 4-5 year old Stallions & Geldings) and in the purebred Arabian IBC!  

photo copyright Hoof Print Images
used with permission
FCF As You Wish
FCF Oberons Vanity

photo courtesy DR Sports Imaging
FCF Titanias Vanity
FCF King ofthe Fairys
FCF Enchanted Flame

photo courtesy Susan J Stickle
FCF Magicaul Gem

Renowned equine painter, Lynn Wade, created a lovely portrait of the 2010 colt, FCF King ofthe Fairys
painting copyright Lynn Wade

Lynn has used several other Faerie Court Farm horses (and donkey) as subjects of her gallery paintings.
Faerie Court Farm was featured  in the 2nd issue of the international quarterly magazine, Crabbet Arabian World.  
In addition to the article on the farm, Dawn was asked to write about the USDF Breed show classes as a suitable venue for young Arabian sport horses in the USA.  

Read the magazine HERE

News 5/01/2011:    Faerie Court Farm was invited to represent the Arabian horse on Breed Row at the 2011 of Everything Equine, a large regional horse expo in Essex Vermont.  We presented a slide show of Arabian sport horses from early in the 20th century to now.  FCF As You Wish, a three year old mare, was presented in the breed presentations and was available on breed row to meet attendees.  Wish's calm and bold demeanor and her apparent athleticism won her many fans.

arriving at the expo site

the FCF booth

entering Breed Row area

stall on Breed Row

solo presentation between demo events

breed showcase presentations (with an elite Hanoverian mare)

 FCF Robin Goodfellow has been SOLD!!

Best wishes
for a fantastic future to Robin and his new partner Gretchen.
AM Tawny Britania and her partner, KC.

                                                                 photo courtesy Raechel S
They make a wonderful pair and we look forward to further updates!

We are delighted to have such a fine foundation herd and would like to thank the late Bazy Tankersley of Al-Marah Arabians, Tara and Mike Gesling of Misty Ridge Farm, Melanie Johnson of Payback Ranch Arabians, Angel Portice of Arc Angel Arabians, Sandy Warren of Warren Park Stud, the late Sue Bishop of Toadhill Arabians, and the late Marion Roth of Dshams Arabians for making this possible. 
Contact us for more information:

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Several photos copyright  Stephen Crowers Photography (used with permission)
Obie DaD photo copyright DR Sports Imaging (used with permission)
Wish DaD photo copyright Hoof Print Images (used with permission)
Several photos copyright Susan J Stickle  (used with permission)
Callisto photo courtesy of Carol Mingst  (used with permission)
Piper photo courtesy of JC Dill (used with permission)
Tawny photo courtesy of Raechel S.  (used with permission)
Legend photo courtesy of Tina Marie Powell (used with permission)
Image of King painting copyright Lynn Wade (original reference photo remains copyright Dawn Jones-Low)
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