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Faerie Court Farm is a small Arabian breeding program located in beautiful Addison County Vermont owned and operated by Dawn Jones-Low.  Our breeding horses have been carefully selected for their athletic conformation, three correct gaits, and pleasant temperaments. After carefully studying modern Arabian bloodlines and their foundation lines, we have chosen specific CMK bloodlines that have historically blended well to produce outstanding performance horses .   Our first two foals were born in 2005.   Since then we have produced a small number of high quality foals each year from carefully considered pairings.  Some of these foals have been retained for the breeding program, while a select few are offered for sale to approved show or breeding homes.
The first generation of Faerie Court Farm bred foals are now demonstrating their high trainability and athleticism under saddle. 
The soundness of our long term breeding plan is being confirmed as the second generation of Faerie Court Farm bred foals are being born.  Sport horse breeding requires dedication to a long term vision; we are committed to continuing to improve upon a solid foundation of generations of Arabians purpose bred for athleticism and trainability.
Dressage is our primary performance focus, but our breeding stock horses also demonstrate athletic suitability for jumping and eventing, and endurance as well as possessing willing and generous temperaments essential for recreational riding.  All our foundation horses came from established breeding programs with a history of producing horses that have been competed successfully in a variety of athletic performance disciplines. Our primary focus is on breeding, raising, and training, but showing at a variety of schooling shows (dressage, jumpers, 2-phase shows, and horse trials) and at rated open venues is done whenever possible.

photo courtesy Stephen Crowers Photography photo courtesy Stephen Crowers Photography photo copyright Don Stine (used with permission) photo copyright Don Stine (used with permission)
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